The L7H Culture

Our “Employee First” approach has enabled us to connect with our workforce and help us grow mutually through upskilling programs, events and activities have fostered a sense of family. We actively measure the contribution from time to time.

Career Growth with L7H

The growth of the employee ensures the growth of the establishment. Our continuous mentoring programs coupled with growing opportunities have enabled our employees to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

L7H Philosophy

With a workforce from various parts of the globe, L7H has developed a culture of inclusiveness and acceptance towards people from all backgrounds.

Workplace Engagement @ L7H

The workplace of L7H is tailored to be a stress free environment with the work culture practice, events, team building activities and outbound training programs.

Employee Value Proposition

L7H is open to visits from middle and secondary school students to induce curiosity about the functioning of mines. This is done so as to promote their interest in technology, mechanics and science. We also offer information tailored to various age groups to schools. For institutions showing greater interest, in the field, a representative of L7H will visit the school to explain about the operations of L7H according to the audience age group.

L7H with Undergrads

L7H is an inclusive organisation focused on sustainability and quality. With its operations in Malaysia, L7H's diversity is evident from its diverse workforce that has strengthened our ability to understand and cope with international markets.

Our unbiased employment strategy has enabled us to tap into the potential offered by the global workforce.

Being an employee friendly organisation, we work to enhance a peaceful and productive working environment.

Our attention in the area of productivity has enabled us to encourage innovative thought processes and has enabled them to constantly learn and grow.

Our professional development initiatives including the training program, safety awareness programmes, quality assurance, etc. has ensured the growth of the company through the growth of the employee.

Life @ L7H

With a multi ethnic work culture L7H is an avenue for multiple opportunities, Professional Challenges and growth. Our Employees are allotted spacious and hygienic accommodations with well equipped amenities such as housekeeping, laundry and food and Health Care facilities.

Employees are treated to four meals a day to suit all shifts. Beside this activities such as indoor games and outdoor sports facilities helps in team building and maintaining good mental health.

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