A window of opportunity for the next gen

At L7H we aim at the holistic development of the society. We do this by ensuring the young population is also benefited through our initiatives.

Through our student interface we allow ample exposure to a natural work environment that would enhance the growth rate and understanding of the corporate world and the commodity trading industry. Through this we encourage young minds to come with innovative thinking for problem solving.

Every year through our campus connect, we handpick students to be part of the preplacement interns and work with the experienced professionals in the field.

Development Programs

At L7H, we provide the opportunity to launch your career in the commodity trading industry through our various development programs. These initiatives are tailor made for each age group and serve its own purpose to nurture the aspirations of future miners around the globe.

Industry Training Initiative

At L7H, you will learn the fundamentals of commodity trading hands on with experts and develop a sense of understanding of the best practices within the industry that ensure quality. This is done through the Industry Training Initiative of L7H.

Summer Internship

We are welcoming to passionate undergrad and post grad students interested in stepping into the world of commodity trading. We work to foster new and innovative ideas by brining in handpicked young talent from universities and train them to be industry ready.

Management Internship

Commodity trading is an industry that can offer a great deal of opportunity to aspiring management students. We at L7H can help you launch your career by nurturing your career aspirations and providing you with holistic experience of being in the management domain of the commodity trading industry.

L7H with Schools

L7H is open to visits from middle and secondary school students to induce curiosity about the functioning of mines. This is done so as to promote their interest in technology, mechanics and science. We also offer information tailored to various age groups to schools. For institutions showing greater interest, in the field, a representative of L7H will visit the school to explain about the operations of L7H according to the audience age group.

L7H with Undergrads

At L7H we offer undergrad students the opportunity to work along with us to solve the many different challenges faced by the industry. Our areas of particular interest include commodity trading, maintenance, logistics, control, instrumentation and measurement technology. We are also open for students looking to complete their projects in areas such as organisation, economics, HR and purchasing. Remuneration is paid if the project is of great scope to the company.


There are over 200 different professional roles available within L7H. This means there is a lot of scope for interning while you learn. Placements on the other hand varies depending on age and experience, however, we welcome work placement students from Universities. Are you interested in doing an internship with us with an option to get placed? Contact us at